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Entrance to Leinster House in 1885, later to be the home of Dáil Éireann

   Early Parliaments
   Irish Parliament
   United Kingdom Parliament
   Dáil Éireann
   Northern Ireland Parliament, Assembly
Speeches, Debates
State Papers


See also History of Ireland - Act of Union
Members for Ireland in the Parliaments of the Protectorate
   Cromwell summoned Members from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to a Parliament in London; List of Members for Ireland; The Journal of Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
   By W. R. Scott, M.A., Fellow (Dublin, 1893) - OL

The Origin and History of the Constitution of England

   and of the Early Parliaments of Ireland
   By Sir William Betham, Ulster King at Arms, etc. (Dublin, 1834) - OL

The Patriot Parliament of 1689

   with its Statutes Votes and Proceedings
   By Thomas Davis (London, Dublin, New York, 1893) - OL

Statutes and Ordinances and Acts of the Parliament of Ireland
   King John to Henry V
   Edited by Henry F. Berry, I.S.O., M.A. (Dublin, 1907) - OL


Parliament prior to the Acts of Union
* An Account of the Parliament House, Dublin
   with Notices of Parliaments held there 1661 - 1800
   By John T. Gilbert, LL.D., M.R.I.A., F.S.A. (Dublin, 1896) - John Thomas Gilbert (1829 - 1898) in: Irish GravesWikipedia

* An Act for the Relief and Release of Poor Distressed Prisoners for Debt or Dammages

* An Act for Reforming Abuses in Making of Butter-Cask and Preventing False Packing of Butter
* An Act for Determining Differences by Arbitration
* An Act for the better Management and Disposal of the Lands set a part for the Support of the Fort of Duncanon - Duncannon in: Wikipedia
* An Act for the more Easy, and Speedy Securing, and Recovery of Small Debts
   Printed by Andrew Crook (Dublin, 1697 - 1699) - OL

The Closing of the Irish Parliament
   By John Roche Ardill, LL.D. (Dublin, 1907) - OL

* CONOLLY: Parliament, Power and Patronage

   the career of Speaker William Conolly 1662 - 1729; Glucksman Memorial Symposium
   By Patrick Walsh (Dublin, 2007) - TARA Trinity College Research Archive

Cork M.P.'s 1559 - 1800

   (continuation from p.p. 40, 139 etc.) Being a Biographical Dictionary of the Members of Parliament; from the Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society (continued p. 274 etc.)
   By C. M. Tennison, B.L., M.R.I.A. (Cork, 1896) - OL

The End of the Irish Parliament

   By Joseph R. Fisher (London, 1911) - OL

Full and Accurate Report on the Debates in the Parliament of Ireland in the Session 1793

   On the Bill for Relief of His Majesty's Catholic Subjects
   Printed for J. Jones (Dublin 1793) - OL

Grattan's Parliament

   Before and After
   By M. McDonnell Bodkin, K.C. (London, 1912) - OL

Historical Review of the Irish Parliament

   from the Epoch of Henry II to the Union
   By Warden Hatton Flood (London, 1863) - OL

The History of the Principal Transactions of the Irish Parliament - Vol I - 
Vol II
   from the year 1634 to 1666; Proceedings of Lords and Commons during the Administration of the Earl of Strafford, and of the First Duke of Ormond; Narrative of His Grace's Life
   By the Right Hon. Lord Mountmorres (London, 1792) - OL

The Irish Parliament - 1775

   From an Official and Contemporary Manuscript. List of Members of Houses of Commons and Lords, Borough Owners, Leader of Connexions and Followers. Salaries attached to certain Revenue Offices
   Edited by William Hunt, M.A., D.Litt. (London, 1907) - OL

The Irish Parliament to 1782

   from 'History of the English Parliament'
   By G. Barnett Smith (London, 1892) - OL

The Irish Parliament

   What it Was, and What it Did
   By J. G. Swift MacNeill, M.A. (London, 1886) - OL

The Last Independent Parliament of Ireland

   With account of the Survival of the Nation and its Lifework
   By George Sigerson, M.D. (Dublin, 1919) - OL

* Legal Considerations on the Regency
   as far as it regards Ireland
   By John Reeves (London,1789) - HT

The Life and Death of the Irish Parliament
   A Lecture
   By the Right Hon. James Whiteside, Q.C., LL.D., M.P. (Dublin, 1863) - BSL

Observations on the Late Proceedings in the Parliament of Ireland

   on the Question of a Regency for that Kingdom
   By Dominck Trant, Esq. (Dublin, 1789) - OL

Rebels who surrendered in the City of Dublin - 1798

   alphabetical list giving Name, Residence, Occupation
   The Journals of the House of Commons, Kingdom of Ireland (Dublin, 1798) - OL

The Report of the Commissioners appointed by Parliament

   to Enquire into Irish Forfeitures, delivered to the Hon'ble House of Commons ...1699. His Majesty's Gracious Answers thereunto
   Ordered to be printed (London, 1700) - IA

Two Chapters of Irish History

   I. The Irish Parliament of James II
   II. The Alleged Violation of the Treaty of Limerick
   By Thomas Dunbar Ingram, LL.D. (London, 1888) - OL

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland / United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
UK Government website
For Act of Union see - History of Ireland
   Serjeants, Corporals, Drummers, and Privates
   (10 May 1811) - IA

   Known as the 'Government of Ireland Act, 1920'
   (23 Dec 1920) - HT

* Accounts and Papers Vol XLIX

   Law (Ireland); Crime (Ireland and Scotland); Session 5 Feb - 28 Jul 1863; including papers relating to the Petition of Mr. George O'Malley Irwin; papers regarding the sale of the incumbered estate of East Asdee, parish of Ahavallin, Co. Kerry; Return of the Registry of Deeds (Ireland)
   By House of Commons (London, 1863) - IA


   Political Record of Parliamentary Elections in Great Britain and Ireland
   Parliamentary Record - Vol I - Vol II
   Published by George Crosby (York, 1843, Leeds, 1849) - OL, FHB


   House of Commons and the Judicial Bench 1870 - 1881 - 1886 - 1901 - 1916 - 1918 - 1922 (56th Annual Edition)
   Illustrated Heraldic and Biographical
   By Robert Henry Mair, LL.D., Arthur G. M. Hesilrige (London) - OL - For more Debrett's directories see Nobility and Landed Gentry

   Parliamentary Companion - 1843 (Eleventh Year) 1847 - 1852  - 1854  - 1855  - 1856  - 1857 - 1858 - 1859 - 1870 - 1881 1882 - 1896 - 1897 - 1902 1904 1905 1907 - 1908 (Seventy-Sixth Year)
   Members of the Houses of Parliament, notes on family, occupations, titles, positions, etc.
   By Charles Roger Dod, Robert Phipps Dod (London, 1843 - 1908) - IA, OL

The Evidence taken before the Select Committees to inquire into The State of Ireland
   Lords and Commons sessions of 1824, 1825
   Published by John Murray (London, 1825) - OL

* Galway Election. Copy of the Minutes of the Evidence taken at The Trial - Part I - Part II - Part III

   of the Galway County Election Petition 1872
   Ordered by the House of Commons (London, 1872) - GB

The Home Rule Bill in Committee
   Session 1893; with Index
   By the Irish Unionist Alliance (Dublin, London, 1893) - OL

Ireland under Mr. Balfour

   Five Years of Unionist Government [as Chief Secretary for Ireland]
   By the Irish Unionist Alliance (Dublin, 1893) - OL - Irish Unionist Alliance in: Wikipedia

The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland 1844 - 45 Vol I A - C - Vol I N - Z, Index

   comparing the Census results of 1841 with 1831
   Published by A. Fullarton and Co (Dublin, London, Edinburgh, 1846) - OL - For more Census vols see Irish Genealogy Resources

The Past and Present State of the Representation of Ireland in Parliament

   By Henry Livesley (Dublin, 1831) - OL

The Picture of Parliament containing a Biographical Dictionary of the Irish Members

   By F. B. Hamilton (London, Dublin, 1831) - IA

A Political Index to the Histories of Great Britain and Ireland - Vol I - Vol III

   or, a Complete Register of the Hereditary Honours, Public Offices and Persons in Office from the Earliest Periods to the Present Time
   By Robert Beatson, LL.D. (London, 1806) - OL - Vol II not found

Report of the Proceedings of the Irish Convention

   Presented to Parliament by Command of His Majesty
   HMSO (Dublin, 1918) - OL

* Reports from Committees
   1842 Cork County Election Petition; Longford Election Petition
   1871 Law of Rating (Ireland)
   1885 Industries (Ireland)
   By House of Commons (London 1842 - 1885) - GB, HT

* Reports of the Decisions of the Judges for the Trial of Election Petitions - Vol I - 
Vol II - Vol III

   in England and Ireland
   By Edward Loughlin O'Malley, Esq., Henry Hardcastle, Esq. (London, 1870) - OL

The Shilling House of Commons for 1889 (35th Year of Publication)
   List of all the Members of Parliament and of the Places which they represent
   By Edward Walford, M.A. (London, 1889) - IA

* A Short History of Parliament

   See chap. XVI - The Irish Parliament and the Union
   By B. C. Skottowe, M.A. (London, 1892) - OL

A View of Evidence on the Subject of Tithes in Ireland
   given before the Committees of the Lords and Commons vindicating the Protestant Clergy... exposing the Schemes of the Agitators... necessity of a firm maintenance of the Church to prevent a dissolution of the Union
   By George Dwyer, M.A. (London, 1833) - IA - NEW LINK!

From left to right: - R. J. P. Mortished (Secretary), John O'Byrne, B.L.; C. J. France,
Darrell Figgis (Acting Chairman), E. M. Stephens, B.L. (Secretary); P A. O'Toole, B.L. (Secretary);
James MacNeill, Hugh Kennedy, K.C.; James Murnahan, B.L.; James Douglas.
(Prof. Alfred O'Rahilly and Kevin O'Shiel, B.L., were absent from the Session).


Parliament of the Irish Free State / Ireland
Irish Government website
* Address to a Joint Session of the Oireachtas by President Kennedy
   28 June 1963; wide-ranging address on emigration, Ireland's achievements and role in the world, the Irish in America, etc.
   By John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Dublin, 1963) - JFK

* Ireland's Declaration of Independence
   21 Jan 1919 (translation) and translations of other official documents, including Letters to the President of the Peace Conference, Ireland's Message to the Nations, Ireland's Democratic Program

* The Irish Banking Crisis
   Regulatory and Financial Stability Policy 2003 - 2008 - a Report to the Minister for Finance
   By the Governor of the Central Bank (Dublin 2010) - Government website

* The Irish Constitution - Explained

   By Darrell Figgis (Dublin, 1922) - OL - Transcription of this book also available - LI

The Irish Free State

   Its Government and Politics
   By Nicholas Mansergh, B.A., B.Litt. (London, 1934) - IA - Nicholas Mansergh in: Wikipedia

* Minutes of Dáil Éireann Ministry and Cabinet - 1919

   original handwritten minutes
   By Dáil Éireann (Dublin, 1919) - National Archives of Ireland website

* Misjudging Risk: Causes of the Systemic Banking Crisis in Ireland

   Report of the Commission of Investigation into the Banking Sector in Ireland (Dublin, 2011) - Government website

* A Preliminary Report on the Sources of Ireland's Banking Crisis

   By Klaus Regling, Max Watson (Dublin, undated; commissioned by Brian Lenihan, T.D. in 2010) - Government website

Entrance to Leinster House, Dáil Éireann, in 2013
Photo by PJC

Northern Ireland Parliament, Assembly

 N.I. Assembly website - Wikipedia
   Ministry of Labour for Northern Ireland (Belfast, 1922)  

Speeches, Debates
Debate on the First Reading of the Protection of Life (Ireland) Bill
   By R. Dillon Browne, M.P. (London, 1846) - HT

Full and Accurate Report on the Debates in the Parliament of Ireland in the Session 1793

   On the Bill for Relief of His Majesty's Catholic Subjects
   Printed for J. Jones (Dublin 1793) - OL

* Selected Speeches and Arguments of the Right Hon. Thomas, Baron O'Hagan

   Ed. by George Teeling (London, 1885) - OL - Baron O'Hagan in Wikipedia

Speech of Lord Viscount Morpeth on the Irish Tithe Bill

   in the House of Commons
   By Viscount Morpeth (George Howard) (London, 1836) - OL - George Howard, 7th Earl of Carlisle in: WikipediaIs this the World's longest document? - the Morpeth Testimonial Roll in: Ancestry Blog

* Speech of the Right Honourable John [FitzGibbon], Earl of Clare

   Lord High Chancellor of Ireland in the House of Lords of Ireland; supporter of the Union with Great Britain
   By Authority (Dublin, 1800) - IA - Earl of Clare in Wikipedia - Gilbert Stuart's Portrait of Lord FitzGibbon in The Bulletin of The Cleveland Museum of Art (1920) - The Portrait

Speech of the Right Honorable John Foster
   Speaker of the House of Commons of Ireland; Delivered in Committee; against the Act of Union
   By John Foster (Dublin, 1800) - OL

Speech of the Rt. Hon. William Pitt on the Basis of an Union between Great Britain and Ireland

   House of Commons, London (1799); to which is added Speeches by the Rt. Hon. John Foster (Speaker of the Irish House of Commons and opposed to the Union) on Commerce between Great Britain and Ireland on permanent and equitable principles (1785)
   Printed by John Exshaw (Dublin, 1799) - OL

The Substance of the Speech of the Right Hon. Henry Grattan

   'the petition of the Catholics of Ireland be referred to a committee...'; defeated 215 - 300; names of the Minority who voted for the motion
  Published by W. Smith and Co (London, 1812) - OL - Henry Grattan in: Wikipedia

* SULLIVAN: Speeches and Addresses 1859 - 1881

   in Parliament, on the Platform, and at the Bar
   By A. M. Sullivan (Dublin, 1882) - IA

State Papers

Circle - A Calendar of Irish Chancery Letters c. 1244 - 1509 - Trinity College Dublin
* Account of Sir Toby Caulfield rendered to the Irish Exchequer
   relating to the chattel property of the Earl of Tyrone and other Fugitives from Ulster in the year 1616; extract from Topographer and Genealogist - Vol III
   By James F. Ferguson, Esq. (London, 1858) - OL

Ancient Laws of Ireland - Vol I Law of Distress;  Vol III Law of Distress, Customary Law, The Book of Aicill; Vol IVVol V Brehon Law Tracts; Vol VI Glossary

   HMSO (Dublin, London 1865 - 1901) - OL

An Bille Ginealais agus Araltais 2006 - Genealogy and Heraldry Bill 2006

   Sections of the Bill:
   Preliminary and General - Administration -  Registration and Granting of Arms - National Vexillological Register - Genealogical Records and Services - General
   Ireland (Dublin,  2006) OIR

Calendar of Ancient Records of Dublin - Vol I - Vol II - Vol IV - Vol VII
    in the possession of the municipal corporation of that city
   By Sir John T. Gilbert (1889 - 1898) - OL, IA
   in the possession of the municipal corporation of that city
   Edited By Lady Gilbert (1904 - 1922) - IA, OL

   By Public Record Office (1875) - OL

   By James Mills and M.J. McEnerney (1916) - IA

Calendar of the Justiciary Rolls... of Ireland XXIII to XXXI years of Edward I, Part I. Part 2 - Part 3
   Index of persons and places; Index of Subjects in each vol
   Prepared by James Mills; Herbert Wood, Albert  E. Langman, Margaret C. Griffith (1905) - IA

* Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Hon. The Marquis of Salisbury, K.G. - Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI - Part VII - Part VIII - Part IX - Part X - Part XI - Part XII - Part XIII
   Preserved at Hatfield House Hertfordshire
   By Historical Manuscripts Commission (London, 1883 - 1915) - OL

Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery in Ireland - Vol I of the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth; Vol II 18th to the 45th of Queen Elizabeth; Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery in Ireland Reign of Charles the First, 1st to 8th year, inclusive
   Edited by James Morrin (1861, 1862, 1863) - OL

Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, and Elizabeth
Calendar of State Papers relating to Ireland - Vol I 1509 - 1573
   HM Public Record Office (1860) - IA

   HM Public Record Office (1867 - 1905, reprints 1974) - IA

Elizabeth and of the Hanmer Papers (with addenda 1565-1654)
   HM Public Record Office (1912) - IA

   Edited by the Rev. C. W. Russell, D.D. and John P. Prendergase, Esq. (London, 1872 - 1880) - OL

Patent Roll of James I - 1614
   Grant to Henrie Tuttesham for the destruction of wolves in Ireland
   Communicated by Sir William Betham (Dublin, 19th century) - IA

   Edited by Robert Pentland Mahaffy, B.A., (London, 1900 - 1903) - FHB

   Edited by Robert Pentland Mahaffy, B.A., (1905 - 1908, Germany, Reprint 1980) - FHB

Calendar of the Stuart Papers - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III - IV - Vol V - VI
   belonging to His Majesty the King preserved at Windsor Castle
   By Historic Manuscripts Commission (London, 1904 - 1912) - OL

   Edited by Osmund Airy (London, 1890) - OL
   while Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
   Edited by Clement Edwards Pike, F.R.Hist.S. (London, 1913) - OL

* A Collection of the State Papers of John Thurloe, Esq. - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV - Vol V - Vol VI - Vol VII
   Secretary, First, to the Council of State, and afterwards to The Two Protectors, Oliver and Richard Cromwell
   By Thomas Birch, M.A., F.R.S. (London, 1742) - IA

* Contest between the King's Purveyors and the Secular Clergy of Meath

   in the 3 Edw. II; 'Topographer and Genealogist' Vol III
   By James F. Ferguson, Esq. (London, 1858) - OL

The Council Book of the Corporation of the City of Cork
   Annals and Appendices
   By Richard Caulfield, LL.D., F.S.A. (1876) - OL

   from 1610 to 1659, 1666 to 1687, and from 1690 to 1800; Annals and Appendices
   By Richard Caulfield, LL.D., F.S.A. (Guildford, Surrey, 1878) - IA - NEW LINK to better copy!

   Consisting of ROYAL Instructions, Directions, Dispatches and Letters
   By John Lodge, Printed by David Hay (Dublin, 1772) - OL

   and addressed to John Ellis, Esq. Secretary to the Commissioners of His Majesty's Revenue in Ireland
   By Lord Dover (London, 1831) - OL

   A letter regarding the disputed translation of "The Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Ireland" (incomplete)
   By An Irish Archivist (1865) - OL

* Extracts from the Irish Correspondence in H. M. State Paper Office
   The Journal of the Kilkenny and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society 1858 - 1859
   Communicated by Herbert F. Hore, Esq. (Dublin, 1859) - OL

* EGERTON: Government in Ireland
   from The Egerton Papers; instructions to Sir Anthony St. Leger and the Privy Council of Ireland 1550; see also 'Reform of the Church in Ireland', 'Royal Perogative in Ireland', 'Undertakers in Munster', 'Offences of Sir Bryan O'Rourke', 'Monies for Ireland', 'The Spaniards in Ireland', 'Lord Lieutenant of Ireland', 'Affairs of Ireland', 'Scottish Undertakers in Ireland' 1610
   Ed. by J. Payne Collier, Esq., F.S.A. (London, 1840) - OL - Anthony St Leger (Lord Deputy of Ireland) in: WikipediaBrian O'Rourke in: Wikipedia

* HALIDAY: The Manuscripts of Charles Haliday, Esq., of Dublin
   Acts of the Privy Council in Ireland 1556 - 1571
   Historical Manuscripts Commission (London, 1897) - OL

   Henry Hyde; during the Reign of K. James The Second and His Lordship's Diary for the Years 1687, 1688, 1689 and 1690
   From the Originals in the Possession of Richard Powney, Esq. (Oxford, 1763) - OL

   extracts of State Papers, unpublished MSS, Depositions, etc.
   By Mary Hickson (London, 1884) - OL

* List of the King's Castles, Forts, Gaols, Etc. in Ireland 1676
   from records of the Irish Exchequer; with a note on Hearth Money; 'Topographer and Genealogist' - Vol III
   By J. F. F. (London, 1858) - OL

     including his Secretaryship of Ireland; George Earl of Macartney,  b. at the family mansion of Lissanoure, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, 1737
   - Vol II
     including A Short Sketch of the Political History of Ireland
     By John Barrow, F.R.S. (London, 1807) - OL

   and Charles [Manners] Duke of Rutland Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
   John, Duke of Rutland (Edinburgh, London, 1890) - IA (PDF)

* Notes on the Council Book of Clonakilty
   from 1710 onwards; Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society
   Collected by Dorothea Townshend (Cork, 1896) - OL

Record Revelations Resumed
   A Letter to M.P.'s William Monsell, Col. Francis P. Dunne, Col. Fitz-Stephen French, on the Public Records of Ireland
   By an Irish Archivist (London, 1864) - OL

* The Registered Papers of the Chief Secretary's Office
   extract from Journal of the Irish Society for Archives
   By Tom Quinlan (Dublin, 1994) - National Archives of Ireland website

A Repertory of the Inrolments of the Patent Rolls of Chancery in Ireland - Vol I Part I
   Commencing with the reign of King James I
   Edited by John Caillard Erck, LL.D. (Dublin, 1846) - IA

* A Sketch of the Revenue and Finances of Ireland
   and of the appropriated funds, loans and debt of the nation; with charts
   By R. V. Clarendon (Dublin, 1791) - OL

State Papers concerning the Irish Church
   in the time of Queen Elizabeth (the first)
   By W. Maziere Brady, D.D. (1868) - OL

* State Papers in Ireland 1509 - 1782
   Research Guide
   By The National Archives, U.K. (Kew, 2010) - website

* TANNER: The Tanner Letters
   Original Documents and Notices of Irish Affairs in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
   By Charles McNeill (1943) - IMC

   and Keeper of the State Papers of Ireland
   HMSO (Dublin, 1869 - 1907) - GB, IA
* The Fifty-Sixth Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records - 1931
   includes list of Wills received by the Office in 1928
   The Stationery Office (Dublin, 1931) - FHB - 'Brief Catalog of the Contents of the Index to the Reports of the Deputy Keeper of Records of Ireland' -

* Trevelyan Papers - Part II A.D. 1446 - 1643 - Part III - Prior to A.D. 1558
   Ed. by J. Payne Collier, Esq.; Ed. by Sir Walter Calverley Trevelyan, Bart.; Sir Charles Edward Trevelyan, K.C.B. (1863 - 1872) - IA

* WILBRAHAM: The Journal of Sir Roger Wilbraham, Solicitor-General in Ireland and Master of Requests
   for the Years 1593 - 1616 together with Notes in Another Hand for the Years 1642 - 1649
   Edited by Harold Spencer Scott (London, 1902) - OL

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